Konstantinos Tsimonis

Lecturer in Chinese Society

King’s College London, UK



PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Dr Konstantinos Tsimonis is a Lecturer in Chinese Society at the Lau China Institute, King’s College London. He has a PhD from SOAS where he also taught courses on Chinese, East Asian and comparative politics. His work concentrates on the ways institutional actors in China’s authoritarian polity adapt in order to perform new roles in the context of marketization and globalization, and their impact on policy-making and state-society relations. Under this broad theme, he has explored: 1) the efforts by state feminist and youth organisations in China to promote policies on women and youth, 2) the evolution of China’s anticorruption institutions and policies under Xi Jinping, 3) the internationalization of Chinese SOEs and their global footprint on industrial relations and environmental standards. He is currently working on a British Academy funded research project on China’s “Balkan Corridor”. Konstantinos has also collaborated with civil society organisations, media and the private sector on various consultancy projects.

Selected Publications

  • The Communist Youth League and China’s Youth, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, Forthcoming
  • (with Igor Rogelja) Narrating the China Threat: Securitizing Chinese economic presence in Europe, Chinese Journal of International Politics (OUP), Forthcoming
  • Keep the Party Assured and the Youth [not] Satisfied”. The Communist Youth League & Chinese University Students.”, Modern China (Sage), Vol: 44, No. 2
  • (De)mobilizing and (mis)representing ‘youth’ in the Chinese workplace: political dependency, generational subordination & corporatization in the Communist Youth League, Journal of Youth Studies, Vol: 20, No: 10
  • Sharpening ‘Swords’ and Strengthening ‘Cages’: Anticorruption under Xi, In Kerry Brown (ed) The Chinese Communist Party19th Party Congress: Outcomes & Objectives Singapore: World Scientific, 2018
  • The Future of the Chinese Communist Party, in Willy Wo-Lap Lam (editor) Routledge Handbook of the Communist Party of China, London: Routledge, 2018
  • Purpose’ and the Adaptation of Authoritarian Institutions: The Case of China’s State Feminist Organization.” Journal of Chinese Political Science (Springer) 21.1 (2016): 57–74.

Areas of Expertise

  • Comparative politics with an emphasis on China
  • Adaptation of authoritarian institutions
  • State-society relations under authoritarianism
  • Politics of (anti)corruption
  • Youth politics
  • Chinese investment in Europe


Selected conference presentations:


  • Juniority and the Chinese Communist Youth League’s failed “Keep Youth Satisfied” mandate”, Conference on Youth Mobilisation and Political Change. Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), November 2019
  • ChinaThreat.EU: Securitizing Chinese Economic Investment in Europe”, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic, October 2019
  • Authoritarian or Sinophobic Advance: Securitizing Chinese Economic Presence in Europe”, Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Nottingham, April 2019
  • Juniority and the Chinese Communist Youth League’s abortive attempt to adapt:, 10th Annual International ADI Conference, Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen, June 2018
  • COSCO in Piraeus: Discourse and Reality in a Major Investment Project”, University of Leeds Business School, Jan 2018
  • Between Hopes and Ports: Material and Ideational Dimensions of Chinese FDI in Greece”, British Association of Chinese Studies 2017 Conference, Glasgow