George Raftopoulos


MEPIELAN Centre, Panteion University of Athens



George Raftopoulos is a Research Fellow of MEPIELAN Centre and a member of the editorial research team of MEPIELAN E-Bulletin.

He holds a Bachelor degree in International and European Studies from the Panteion University of Athens, and he has obtained Master of Laws (International Law, LLM) from the University College London (U.C.L.), specialized in International Law focusing on International and EU Energy Law, Environmental and Climate Change Law and Policy, Law of Treaties and Law of the Sea. He perused a dissertation on energy law issues under the title “Safety Regulations, Civil Liability and Compensation of Energy Offshore Installations in the Mediterranean Sea”.

He has worked as a stagiaire in Landscape, Cultural Heritage and Spatial Planning Division of the Council of Europe under its director Dr. Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons (Strasbourg/France, 2012). As a graduate student, he attained an internship at ΙUCN – Environmental Law Centre (Bonn/Germany, 2015). Moreover, he has worked as a Legal Intern and later as an External Legal Consultant in the UK & EU Advocacy Team of WWF-UK (London/UK, 2017 and 2018), providing general legal support to the WWF-UK’s Legal Unit in the light of Brexit vote and its complex legal and policy issues. In addition, through his Traineeship in the European Commission (Brussels/Belgium, 2017-18), he contributed actively to the legal analysis and negotiation preparation for proposed Regulations and to the preparation and writing of a Study Proposal related to the digitalization of the European energy transition (“Energy Efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies-An eco-friendly approach”), which has been selected for funding (2018-19) by the Director-General, Roberto Viola. Currently, he is working as a Research Associate in the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute dealing with aspects of the decision-making process in the energy field in Greece.

Research Interests

  • Energy, Environmental and Climate Change Law and Policy
  • Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance


  • Research Associate in the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute, Athens.